About Us


Our Community Radio Licence
Tempo FM is a Community Radio Station licenced and regulated by Ofcom under the Community Radio Order 2004. It is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation, run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the community. Our aims are to help Local Organisations, Charities and groups, by providing publicity for their events and to help local businesses with very cheap, but effective, advertising. Training in the skills of Radio Presentation and Production, for all people, forms a big section of our work and special arrangements are made for training young persons.

Wetherby Community Radio Ltd (Reg No 05798528) was incorporated on 27th April 2006 and is a ‘Not for Profit’ Private Limited Company, limited by Guarantee. We commenced broadcasting on the 11th September 2006 and have continued 24 hours a day ever since. The current term of our licence expires in September 2026. We are regulated by Ofcom who measure our performance against strict regulations.


Tempo FM is run entirely by volunteers and its finances are strictly regulated by Ofcom under the Community Radio Order legislation.  Although some income is allowed through advertising, we rely heavily on grants and donations.

Our station costs us £200 to run each week, with our main outgoing being licences (Ofcom & Broadcasting, Music Royalties, News, Links, as well as Rent and Insurance).  Please support your Local Radio Station by considering a small donation towards our running costs.  A donation of just £5 makes a tremendous difference!!


We hope that you will like what you hear on Wetherby’s Community Radio Station. We try our hardest to ensure that the station is professional in all respects, but please do remember that our presenters are all volunteers. We welcome comments both positive and negative. However if you have a complaint, please see our Complaints Procedure