New season? New range? New business? – Advertise with Tempo FM

Whilst we will promote any community or charitable event free of charge on Tempo, we ask for a contribution from commercial organisations, to help towards the running costs of our station. Tempo FM not only covers Wetherby, but also Boston Spa and all the surrounding villages, reaching parts of Knaresborough and Harrogate.

Our station is operated entirely by volunteers and our overheads are low. Our aim is to help local businesses by providing low cost, but effective advertising. All we are looking for in return are small contributions towards our running costs. Our advertising rates are therefore very very low.  Please just email us to find out how we could help promote YOUR business How many people does our Station reach?  The published population for our primary service area is 29,000 and during a number of surveys we are told that about 1 in 4 people listen on a regular basis.  So we believe our audience to be over 7000. Not bad for a small local station run by volunteers.

Interested? Then let us know
Just let us know that you are interested, by completing your details on our Contact Page or by email on   We really look forward to helping your business.

Advert Production
We can help you produce your advert to your requirements, by either:

a) Allowing us to produce the advert using the voice of a member of the Tempo Team. A simple script or some ‘Bullet Points’ may help us get the message across the way you want or alternatively leave it entirely up to our team. There is no extra charge for this service.

b) If you prefer, we will help you produce the advert using your own voice or a member of your staff. This is a simple procedure which can be carried out at our studios at almost anytime to suit you during the week, evenings or at weekends. There is also no charge for this service.

c) If you want a really professional sound, we can direct you to a number of Production Companies, who will produce adverts to your exacting requirements.


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